Student Circle

Every Week on WEDNESDAY @ 6pm (Starting 8/16/23)

At River Valley, we walk alongside youth and their families as they navigate tough questions, explore their faith, and wrestle with how to live it out. They will find an honest, friendly and fun group of peers at different points in their walk with Christ. They will have opportunities to develop meaningful relationships and discover God’s incredible love for them. We are here to support youth and their families grow in Christlikeness and experience the incredible life God has planned for them.

Our Environments

There are four environments for students in our ministry. Each one is designed to strategically invite students on a journey into deeper relationships with their peers, leaders, and Jesus. Each environment is designed with every student in mind - the kid who's grown up in church and the first-time visitor too.

Weekly Programs

Our weekly programs happen every single week. They’re designed to help students grow in four key areas: Spending Time with GOD, Spending Time with OTHERS, Using Their GIFTS, and Sharing Their STORY

Special Events

Throughout the year, we’ll host several big events designed to help students connect with their peers and student mentors. Events are often the environment where students will walk into our ministry for the very first time.

Small Groups

Small groups of kids join together around common interests, or to dig in deeper in Biblical study. Some of our groups have included a bi-weekly D&D group, a middle-school girls Bible study, sporting groups, and others.

Leader Training

As students demonstrate a capacity for leadership within our groups, we work to mentor them to be the best leader they can be. This can include in-depth leadership book studies, and also leadership opportunities in our programs.

For more information, check out our Student Circle Parent Handbook

Want to take a step in growing your relationship with Christ?

Whether you're a parent or a student, we want to help you take your next steps with Jesus. That's why we're giving you these family devotionals! You can do them separately, or do them together. No matter what you choose, we'd love to help!


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Events Coming Up!

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Jen Steinman

Student Pastor