Next Steps

What is your next step?

Everyone has a step to take.

How can we help you take that step?

Step One

The first step is the hardest. If you have made a commitment to follow Jesus with your life, we are here to celebrate that with you!

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Be Baptized

So you have decided to follow Jesus. It's time to proclaim it to the world. Click here to sign up for this life changing experience!

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We believe Partnership is different than membership. Partners work together towards an ultimate goal, members collect benefits. Join us in our mission to reach people for Christ!


Home Circle

Church is best lived in Circles not rows. Life on life environments to be real and authentic with other people just like you.

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Serving Circle

Everybody has a part, let's role up our sleeves and do it together! Find your circle to serve our community with at River Valley Rockford.

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