How you can share truth in under 50 seconds

Ian McClellan   -  

Truth in under 50 seconds?? 

Yeah! I know, it seems impossible, right?? You know how pastors are…. we are like bagpipes. They are beautiful for a while… but we can sometimes drone on and on.

I know you have thought it… “this person just likes to hear the sound of their voice!” 

While this might be true to some degree (I sure do love communicating the Gospel because I am very passionate about it… )

BUT… Some of the greatest truths can be communicated in less than a minute. 

This is why I have begun a series of 50 Second Sermons on Youtube shorts.

Not only did I want to challenge myself to see if I could pack a Gospel punch in under a minute. I also wanted to show how you can share the Gospel in compelling ways without being super long-winded.

The truth of your reality does not contain a pulpit but is filled with conversations over dinner, at the water cooler, on play dates, or in passing on the job site.

God is giving you hundreds of 50-second moments to communicate the truth of the Gospel throughout your day. The best part is that you don’t have to have an earth-shattering catchy theological idea… you just need to be authentic and share what God is doing in your life.

So here’s a short list of Gospel things you might communicate to someone in a brief conversation: 

  • Stories of what God is doing through your church
  • Something your kids did that reminded you of a Gospel truth
  • A struggle that God has been working on within you
  • Your life verse and/or a verse that you have been memorizing lately
  • Share what you have been praying about
  • Is there a theological question buzzing around in your mind… share that… ask them their thoughts
  • What books have you been reading that are challenging your faith?? Share what is challenging you.

We do not need to feel the pressure to convince, cajole, or convict the hearts of others… THAT IS THE WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.

We can just be faithful in the small moments to share what big things God is doing in our lives. YOU CAN DO IT! I KNOW YOU CAN… take the leap and share a Gospel moment with someone today.

Hopefully, one of these will inspire you to take the leap and share the Gospel.