Has Your Time Passed? :: The Importance of Generational Investment

Ian McClellan   -  

The temptation as we grow older is to believe you are no longer relevant, no longer useful, or some how your time has passed. Which obviously there are limitations that come with age but, for the follower of Jesus, the adage is this::

If you’re not dead, God’s not done. 

I had the privilege of spending some time this week with a retired pastor who lives here in Rockford. Pastor Lee Eclov is a vivacious man of God, in his early 70’s,  that embodies the importance of passing on wisdom to the next generation. He graciously gives his time sitting with people and sharing an encouragement or passing on a simple nugget of knowledge.

One of the biggest challenges the next generation faces is the fact that information is abundant but insight is rare. Our children need Godly influences in which they can interpret the barrage of information coming at them.

Parents: here is the simple fact, you cannot do this on your own.

Yes, discipleship starts in the home but it doesn’t stop there. “It takes a village.” This isn’t just a cliche saying, it’s prudent. Your child needs multiple streams of Godly influence as they attempt to navigate a world that is increasingly ungodly.

So, what are some ways YOU can intentionally invest in the next generation??? 

#1 : Be a mentor/ friend

You might just be the one who steps into the gap, partners with parents, and helps young people find their footing as they grow closer to Jesus. What are the qualification (outside of a clean record) ?? SHOW UP. Be present, be a friend, a listening ear, and a voice to encourage and equip. Joining our leadership team for our Sunday night Student Circle would be great place to start!!! CHECK IT OUT HERE: Fill out form and click YOUTH CIRCLE.

#2: Invest in their spiritual development 

Each year we load up vehicles and drive our youth away to winter camp. This is a weekend full of fun and challenges. It allows them to ask deeper questions about faith, as well as, grow closer with God, mentors, and their peers. Many of our students have worked here at the church to help pay their way to camp. We ask our congregation to help provide the funding for their work through scholarships. If you would like to financial pay for a student to go to camp: CLICK HERE

#3: Pray for them and with them 

Finally you can simply join us in prayer. As we send our youth to camp you can join us in prayer by texting “@pray4sbr22” to 81010. You will be updated along the way to the best ways you can be praying as we send our youth off on a weekend aimed at their spiritual development.