10 Things I want to do before 2022…

Ian McClellan   -  

Before we know it, the year of 2021 is going to be gone forever! How was your year??? Are you ready to see the year end? Or are you wishing there were just a few more weeks???

Even though the holidays are chaotic, there are still a few more things that I would like to fit in before 2022.

Here are the 10 things I want to do before 2022:

10. Go on a drive to see Christmas Lights

One of our favorite family traditions around Christmas has been to put on our PJ’s, grab a box of donuts, crank up the Christmas tune, and go look at the Christmas lights around town.

9. Fill the Giving Manger with My Kids

Last year we receive a gift called the Giving Manger. This is a manger that our kids get to put a piece of hay in every time they do something that helps or is giving towards other. On Christmas we lay Jesus on the manger they filled. I love it! It helps our family re-center ourselves around the heart of the season… giving.

8. See my uncle for the first time in over a year

We started a little tradition having my uncle for Christmas Day when we lived in Indiana. Because of COVID and moving to Illinois, it has been a over a year since we have gotten to have gotten to visit. We are super excited to restart that tradition this year!

7. Invite my neighbor to Christmas Eve’s Eve

We been praying for our neighbors and little by little we are slowly getting to know them. We are super excited to take them cookies this year and invite them to Christmas Eve’s Eve. WHY??? Because we care about them. As we are becoming trusted neighbors, it is much easier to invite them along on our journey!!

6. Give something anonymously 

This is one I could practice more all year round but Christmas has me in the spirit. Giving without expectation of payback or recognition is a central Christian practice. For God so loved that he: GAVE.

Our family likes to typically identify a need and secretly meet that need for the holiday. Maybe it’s grocery, toys, or a simple coffee for someone at Starbuck… Whatever it is… it purely to bless someone else without thought of payback.

5. Stay in the Home Alone House 

This one is probably gonna be impossible but a guy can dream right? Oh… you did know it’s gonna be on Airbnb for one day! December 7th at 1pm it goes live. CHECK IT OUT HERE.

4. Enjoy Christmas Day Chinese Food 

Yes, just like the family on A Christmas Story. Not because our turkey has been destroyed by the Bumpus Dogs but because ministry has often kept us away from our home towns on Christmas Day. So it has been our tradition the last 14 years to eat Chinese food on Christmas Day. WHY? because it’s available and delicious!

3. Build Church Family Traditions 

We love building Church traditions with our faith family at Christmas time. Christmas is a special time of year, even people who do not normally attend Church know that. That is why we love investing our time and efforts into the making Christmas at Church special, not only for our family but other families also. Who are you bringing with you this year??? Check it out at: CHURCHINROCKFORD.COM

2. Have some time to reflect

This one always seems to take last seat in my life. I am a busy/ goal oriented person by nature but need to intensionally take the time to reflect on God’s blessing in my life this last year. Stop and smell the roses as some might say. This is important because it helps me keep my eyes up and not on the circumstances that can often be stressful.

1. Be with my family

I love my wife, my kids, and my extended family. God has given them to me and if there is any gift to celebrate outside of my salvation this Christmas… it’s the people that God has put in my life. I am a blessed man. Blessing is not things or gifts I could receive under the tree.. it is the ones that I have been given to love.

Take some time this week and consider what you would do with the rest of your year. What will help you wrap this year up well?

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